About this Web Project

This project is about building a timeline that charts the history of Ireland and the Irish people, both as a standalone subject matter and a component of world history. Our immediate aim is to be useful and practical rather than definitive or comprehensive. That is something that will come in time; for now, patience and dedication is our motto.

Coverage will include all periods, persons and events of varying significance and importance. Nothing is ruled out. It is not our intention to be restrictive. Anything that relates to Irish history is considered worthy of inclusion, even that which might be regarded as fringe or secondary. The result that we have in mind is a compendium of online resources, presented in a manner that is coherent, accessible, easy to use and freely available to the public.

This project will undergo constant updating, regular revision and periodic review as new information is collected and collated. We encourage you to look in from time to time, to see how it is progressing. You can even sign up for occasional news briefs, via e-mail, as a means of Keeping in Touch. Or follow us on the various social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

When all aspects of the project are rolled out and the site is fully developed (or as near to it as we can get), we hope to be able to offer access to the widest collection of written, audio and visual material pertaining to Irish history that is available in digital format and circulating on the worldwide web.

We invite contributions and feedback from users of this site. Indeed we actively encourage such and have created a Visitor Gallery for this purpose. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about this project, or if you would like to contribute.

Our approach to this project is not restrictive and we have no exclusionist agenda. Our purpose is to begin a discussion not to stifle it. Where it will end is anyone's guess. We would hope that the end is merely the beginning of a new story - our story, the story of Ireland and the Irish people.